Source & Language Material
Educator's Guide: PDF file.
Poster: Ready-to-print poster: PDF file.
Photoshop poster file and necessary fonts: ZIP archive.
5-meter & 6-meter Versions: Versions for 5-meters domes and 6-meters domes with spherical mirror projector systems, where one projector is directing onto a spherical mirror (especially for mobile planetariums):
5-meter dome: ZIP archive (25.63 GB)
6-meter dome: ZIP archive (25.65 GB)
Fisheye System version: Version of Phantom of the Universe for any fisheye system with MPG playback capabilities:
Fisheye version, MPG: ZIP archive (6.56 GB)
Combined Music & Sound Effects:
To be combined with authorized narrations in other languages.
Combined Music and Sound Effects WITH leader
Combined Music and Sound Effects WITHOUT leader
Language Resources: Please contact us for permission to use.
Currently available in: Chinese (Mandarin), English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian,
Spanish (ESP and MX), and Swedish (in Finn-Swedish accent).
Chinese (Mandarin)
Narration only, Chinese (Mandarin)
Narration audio only
Narration, (Finnish)

Narration-only, single WAV file

Narration only, stereo mix with narration, (French)
Narration only
Stereo mix with narration

Narration, (Italian, mono) & Soundtrack mix (5.1)

Narration only (center channel only)
Soundtrack Mix (5.1)

Narration, (Japanese)

Narration only (center channel only)

Polish sound mix, 3 files total:
(1) 2 Channel stereo mix,
(1) narration-only audio file,
(1) script

All Polish Elements (3 files)

Spanish (Spain version)
Spanish (Mexico version)
Swedish (in Finn-Swedish accent)
Narration, (in Finn-Swedish accent)

Narration-only, single WAV file